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200Ah LiFePO4 Battery

1.Preface This specification describes the type and size, performance, technical characteristics, warning and caution of the HETER-3.2V/200Ah LiFePO4 rechargeable pack.The specification only applies to HETER-3.2V/200Ah LiFePO4 pack supplied by HETER ELECTRONICS GROUP CO.,LTD. 2. Product and...
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This specification describes the type and size, performance, technical characteristics, warning and caution of the HETER-3.2V/200Ah LiFePO4 rechargeable pack.The specification only applies to HETER-3.2V/200Ah LiFePO4 pack supplied by HETER ELECTRONICS GROUP CO.,LTD.

2. Product and Model

2.1 Product: Lithium-ion Battery Pack

2.2 Model: HT-3.2V200Ah-1S66P-26650

2.3 Picture And Output Wire


Positive output

Copper extremely column


Negative output

Copper extremely column


3. Battery PackSpecifications




Nominal voltage


Typical capacity


At 0.2C discharge rate

Minimum capacity






Max continuous discharge



Discharge cut-off voltage


Charge voltage



Charge current


Use a constant current, constant

voltage(CC/CV) lithium-ion (Li+)

battery charge controller.

Between positive and negative

polar of discharge port

Inner resistance


Operation temperature range





Storage temperature range

0℃~40℃ at half

charged state

Recommended long-term storage

temperature is 15~25

Storage environment humidity

RH: 65±20%

Environment humidity


Shell material


4.Appearance And Delivery Condition

There shall be no such defects as scratch, discoloration, leakage which may adversely affect commercial value of the cell. About 80%~90% charged (after discharged, use the charger to charge about 4~5 hours).

5. Standard Test Conditions

5.1 Environmental Conditions

Unless otherwise specified, all tests stated in this specification are conducted at temperature 25±2℃and humidity 65±20%, air pressure 86kPa~106kPa .

5.2 Measuring Equipment

a)Voltage is measured by D.C. voltmeter which precision is higher than 0.5 grade and self resistance is

higher than 1kΩ/V;

1.Current is measured by D.C. meter which precision is higher than 0.5 grade;

2.Temperature is measured by thermometer which has proper measuring range and division value is lower than 0.5℃;

dThe timer used in measuring should be degreed in hour, minute and second, and should have degree

of accuracy no more than ±1%.

5.3 Test conditions

The cells to be tested should be new cells and within one month after shipment from our factory and the

cells shall not be cycled over five times before the testing. All the tests in this specification shall be conducted

in an ambient temperature of 25ºC ±2ºC under a humidity of 65±20%, unless otherwise specified .

6. Characteristics

6.1 Standard charge

Charge the battery with DC stabilized power supply 3.65V, constant-current 0.2C(A) current until current reach to 0.02C(A).

6.2 standard discharge

Discharge the battery at 0.2C to 2.5V or the protection circuit come to protection, stop. 

6.3 Electrical Performance

Test Items

Test Methods

Test Standards


0.2C Discharging Performance

After standard charge, store the battery

for  0.5  ~  1hr  under  5.1  specified

conditions,  then  discharge  at  0.2C  to

cut-off voltage.

≥100% N




High Temperature Performance

After standard charge, put the cells into

55℃±2℃  high  temperature  box  with

constant  temperature  for  2hrs,  then

discharging at  0.2C to cut-off voltage.

Then take the cell out, stored for 2hrs

≥95% N



The battery no explosion,no



Charge Retention

After standard charge, store the cells for

28 days under 5.1 specified conditions,

then  discharge  at  0.2C5mA  to  cut-off


capacity retention


of minimum capacity


Cycle Life

1) standard charge at 0.2C,

2) rest 0.5~1 hr

3) discharge at 0.2C to cut off voltage

4) rest 0.5~1hr

repeat the above steps until 1500 cycles.

Capacity retention rate≥80%

7. Characteristic curve


8. Cautions

8.1 Charging current should be less than maximum charge current specified in the Product Specification. Charging with higher current than recommended value may cause damage to cell electrical, mechanical and safety performance and could lead to heat generation or leakage.

8.2 The cell shall be discharged at less than the maximum discharge current specified in the Product Specification. High discharging current may reduce the discharging capacity significantly or cause over-heat.

8.3 It should be noted that the cell would be possible to be at a over-discharged state by its self-discharge characteristics in case the cell is not used for long time. In order to prevent over-discharging, the cell shall be charged periodically to maintain between 3.3V and 3.4V.Over-discharging may causes loss of cell performance, characteristics, or battery functions.

8.4 The storage temperature and humidity of the battery are as below: -10℃~40℃ within one month 

0℃~35℃ within 2 months,15℃~25℃ for 3 months and above 3 months .Humidity: 65±20%RH .

8.5 Prohibition of disassembly.

8.6 Do not expose the battery to extreme heat or flame.

8.7 Do not reverse the polarity of the battery pack for any reason.

8.8 Do not immerse the battery pack in water or sea water, or get it wet.

8.9 Use a constant current, constant voltage (CC/CV) lithium-ion (Li+) battery charge controller.

9.Product Liability

Warranty period begins from the delivery date, and is exclusively continued 6 months.HETER is not responsible for the incident caused by not obeying the specifications.Before using the battery, you should read the specifications,usage instruction and some attentions carefully to learn its application method and areas. If the phenominon such as error using method or wrong circuit connection,or input power data,working index are inconsistent with the specifications happen and cause damage to production,circuit and its accesories, we are not responsible for it.

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