Lithium batteries will be used on high-speed rail
Jul 26, 2018

High-speed rail is synonymous with tall, what is the significance of high-speed rail lithium battery application? What is the role of lithium batteries in high-speed rail? The project started R&D from a low in 2012. Up to now, more than two years have passed, and various types of test ground joints have been met. At the same time, lithium batteries are also the first to be used in other rail transit research projects as verification feasibility.

The project represents the highest level of China's high-speed rail, led by the iron general, Changchun rail passenger car and Qingdao Sifang factory represent the North-South high specification, and a unified standard. The north and south car battery cabinets can be quickly interchanged. Lithium battery and nickel-cadmium battery are installed in the same cabinet and external interface.

The battery pack is installed on the high-speed rail, each battery has a capacity of 200Ah; the nominal voltage is 110V. There are 4 sets of battery packs for the whole train. The initial joint adjustment of the whole vehicle has been completed in Changchun. Followed by the general test run and related experiments at the ring iron test base. The vehicle test is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

How will lithium batteries be used on high-speed rail?

What is the difference between nickel-cadmium batteries and lithium batteries?

As a traditional nickel-cadmium battery used on trains.


1. High safety, overcharge and over discharge.

2. Good high and low temperature performance. The temperature range is from -20 ° C to 60 ° C, and discharge can be performed within this range.

3. Affordable price. The number of cycles is about 500 times.

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