Lithium battery charging tips
Jul 26, 2018

With the rapid development of electronic products, many people have begun to understand lithium batteries. Many of the electronic products used in our lives are related to lithium batteries. So, do you know if you have any understanding of its charging skills?

Do not use lithium-ion batteries (especially laptop lithium batteries) for a long time while the device is using an external power supply. Even if your notebook is well cooled, a long-term 100% charge is equal to the murder of a lithium battery.

1. If you have used an external power supply to power your laptop for a long time, or if the battery power has exceeded 80%, immediately remove the battery of your notebook, do not need to fully charge the battery, and charge it to about 80%; adjust the power supply of the operating system. Option, adjust the battery alarm to more than 20%, the minimum battery level should not be lower than 20%, and it should be charged before dropping to 20%;

2. Small electronic devices such as mobile phones should be disconnected immediately after charging the power cable (including the USB interface for charging function), which will damage the battery; it should be charged frequently, remember to charge, but do not have to fill the battery;

3. Do not let the battery run out, whether it is for a notebook or a mobile phone.

4. If you want to travel, fully charge the battery, but please remember to charge the appliance whenever possible, for battery life, do not wait until the battery is dry.

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