Lithium battery has high energy density and high temperature resistance
Jul 26, 2018

Lithium batteries have received attention for a long time, and with the development of time, they have been recognized by everyone and entered the market.

The advantages of lithium battery itself are high energy density, high temperature resistance, fast charging, long life, light weight, small size, environmental protection, and the price will gradually decrease. Lithium batteries are the preferred cathode materials for energy storage equipment. According to the survey, lithium battery investors have gradually increased in recent years and introduced lithium battery equipment.

The self-discharge of a lithium battery is very low, and its shelf life is also up to 3 years. If our consumers can choose to save it in a relatively cold place, it will be more effective. It is better to have a low temperature. There is no clear temperature limit here. Such an expression is more clear that the lithium-ion battery has a low self-discharge and most of the capacity can be recovered.

The application temperature range of the lithium battery is relatively wide, and it can be used outdoors in the winter in the north. The only problem that may occur is that the capacity will be reduced, but when it returns to the room temperature, its capacity can be restored to a constant value. (The lead-acid battery we usually use will also occur under low temperature conditions, and there is no obvious lithium battery in the later recovery.)

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