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Common Misunderstandings In The Use Of Lithium Batteries
Jul 26, 2018

With the increasing use of lithium batteries, the following clarifies some of the most misunderstood mistakes, and gives the correct views and practices derived from the research of multiple sources.

Myth 1: The PSP needs to be charged and discharged three times in order to activate the battery. Unless you buy a PSP that is more than one year old, you don't need to do this because the battery cells are now activated at the factory, and the batteries are equivalent to one another when packaged into a PSP battery. The test of activation, so the battery you got the hand has already been activated, and the process of charging and discharging three times is nothing but increasing the loss of the battery.

Myth 2: The first charge must be charged for 12 hours. This is suitable for early NiMH battery devices without battery control circuits, but it is a joke for PSPs with intelligent charge and discharge control modules. When the PSP battery is fully charged, the charging current is automatically cut off and The system displays as “External Power”. Even if you continue to charge for 120 hours, the state will not change. In general, 3 hours is completely full, and the remaining "charging" is just a waste of your time. Instead, when you get a new machine, you should first discharge the battery and recharge it.

Myth #3: The battery needs to be fully charged and discharged once a month. For nickel-hydrogen batteries with strong memory effects, this is a must, but for lithium batteries, this cycle is too frequent. Lithium batteries theoretically eliminate memory effects, and even if they do, they have greatly reduced negligible To the extent that you use the battery very often, then you should discharge the battery to a relatively low (about 10~15%) recharge, but if it is discharged even if the machine can not be opened (0~1%), it belongs to the lithium battery. Deep discharge with large damage is generally done once every 2 months. If you rarely use the battery, you only need to do this every 3 months.

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