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Have To Say The Disadvantages Of Lithium-ion Batteries
Jul 26, 2018

Our mobile phones and laptops use lithium-ion batteries, which are modern high-performance batteries that are durable, memory-free and recognized as a new generation of quality batteries. However, this battery also has its shortcomings, as follows:

1. Do not tolerate overcharging. When overcharged, excessively embedded lithium ions will be permanently fixed in the crystal lattice and will not be released again, resulting in short battery life.

2. It is not tolerant to overdischarge. When overdischarged, the electrode deintercalates excessive lithium ions, which can cause the lattice to collapse and shorten the life.

3. Aging, unlike other rechargeable batteries, the capacity of a lithium-ion battery will slowly decline, regardless of the number of uses, but related to temperature. The possible mechanism is that the internal resistance is gradually increased, so that electronic products with high operating current are more easily reflected. Replacing graphite with lithium titanate seems to extend life.

4. Recovery rate, about 1% of new products need to be recycled for various reasons.

Despite these shortcomings, lithium-ion batteries are still the most popular commonly used batteries, and lithium battery manufacturers and research institutes are working hard to reduce the shortcomings of lithium-ion batteries to make them more perfect.

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