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Lithium Batteries Use The Correct Ideas And Practices
Jul 26, 2018

There are misunderstandings, naturally because there are correspondingly agreed views on battery maintenance and usage methods, as listed below:

1. Avoid full discharge (use black screen power off)

2. Frequently charging or discharging the lithium battery, charging when using it or using an external power supply, using it while charging, or continuing to use the external connection after charging is completed, will not cause additional loss to the battery.

3. When not in use for a long time, the lithium battery should be taken out and placed in a cool dry place. Do not freeze to avoid moisture attack. Avoid use in high temperature cars. If you save for a long time, charge the battery to 40% and place it.

4. As a notebook user, if you use a fixed power supply most of the time, you can remove the battery in a cool place, but this is only due to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. As a PSP, using an external power supply with a battery does not cause extra damage to the battery. And for the concept of portability and protection of the battery cover and metal contacts, it is recommended not to disassemble the battery frequently because of the use of an external power supply.

5. Avoid purchasing spare lithium batteries for storage, because the battery life is naturally lost even if it is not used. Therefore, in the limited life of the battery, the maximum use is the value of the battery, not the use. There are unrealistic theories to torture yourself and the PSP used for entertainment.

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