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What Is The MSDS Certification For Lithium Batteries?
Jul 26, 2018

First, MSDS is an acronym for Material Safety Data Sheet. The European side is used to call SDS. MSDS is a technical manual covering products, manufacturer information, ingredient information, hazard information, first aid measures, fire fighting measures, accidental release measures, disposal and storage, personal protection and engineering control, physical and chemical parameters, stability and reactivity, Toxicological data, ecological data, waste disposal, transportation materials, regulatory materials, and other information 16 public content. Of course, there are only a few standard MSDSs with only 8 or 9 items, such as those specified by OSHA. Specific can be Baidu.

Second, there is a wrong concept in your question, that is, certification, MSDS is different from CE certification, or other certification projects that require third-party audits. Lithium battery manufacturers can make their own preparations and are obligated to provide them to your customers when they ship. If it is dangerous, customs, shipping companies, airlines, etc. must ask for MSDS.

Third, when the factory lacks talents who can prepare MSDS, you can apply for MSDS from a professional organization or company.

Fourth, the MSDS generally does not need to send samples for testing, but only conducts an overall assessment based on the basic information of the product. Unless your customers have special requirements to test some of the data in the MSDS, you can go to the lab to apply for these test items, of course, the cost will go up.

Fifth, the MSDS is not static. As the regulations are updated, the content of the MSDS must be updated. European CLP regulations have changed the packaging, classification, and labeling of products. Since December 1, 2010, products exported to Europe must comply with CLP regulations, so some of the contents of the MSDS must be updated in a timely manner.

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