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Cylindrical Super Capacitor

  • 2.7V 1F Super Capacitor

    2.7V 1F super capacitor General Characteristics Advantages and disadvantages of using supercapacitors Supercapacitors are not superior in every aspect of the process, which requires the advantages and disadvantages of the device when using supercapacitors. Due to the...
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  • 2.7V 4.7F Super Capacitor

    2.7V 4.7F super capacitor General Characteristics The main function of supercapacitors Supercapacitors have been structurally modified and optimized in principle compared to conventional capacitors. However, supercapacitors function similarly to conventional capacitors during...
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  • 2.7V 6.8F Super Capacitor

    2.7V 6.8F super capacitor General Characteristics Precautions 1. Ambient gas in use: Supercapacitors should not be placed in locations where the relative humidity is greater than 85% or contain toxic gases, which can lead to corrosion of the leads and capacitor housings,...
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  • 2.7V 50F Super Capacitor

    2.7V 50F super capacitor
    General Characteristics Supercapacitor (Electrical Doule-LayerCapacitor) is a new type of energy storage device, which has the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy saving and...
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  • 2.7V 100F Super Capacitor

    2.7V 100F super capacitor General Characteristics How to choose / super capacitor edit Two main applications for supercapacitors: high power pulse applications and instantaneous power retention. Features of high-power pulse applications: instantaneous flow to load high...
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  • 2.7V 400F Super Capacitor

    2.7V 400F super capacitor General Characteristics The supercapacitor stores energy in the separated charge, and the larger the area for storing the charge, the denser the separated charge, and the larger the capacitance. The area of a conventional capacitor is the flat area...
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  • 5.5V 0.47F-L Super Capacitor

    5.5V 0.47F-L super capacitor General Characteristics Due to the shortage of petroleum resources and the environmental pollution caused by the exhaustion of oil-burning internal combustion engines (especially in large and medium-sized cities), people are studying new energy...
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  • 5.5V 1.5F-L Super Capacitor

    5.5V 1.5F-L super capacitor General Characteristics Supercapacitor features Supercapacitors have excellent pulse charge and discharge and large-capacity energy storage performance. The monomer capacity has reached 10,000 Farad is an energy storage component between the...
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  • 5.5V 5F-L Super Capacitor

    5.5V 5F-L super capacitor According to the electrolyte of the supercapacitor, it can be divided into the following two types: The maximum available voltage of a supercapacitor is determined by the decomposition voltage of the electrolyte. The electrolyte may be an aqueous...
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